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HIC together with the Global Platform for the Right to the City has brought this year a dedicated programme to the High-Level political Forum within and outside of the United Nations building.
Date published: 07-23-2018

According to the electoral calendar, the voting phase of the HIC Presidential Election has ended. The following is the final report of the Electoral Committee:According to the information provided by the General Secretariat, 67 members had the right to vote for the 2011 Election of the HIC President. We received a total of 48 votes, from which 45 were valid. Two votes were received after the voting period ended, and one organization voted although they did not have the right to vote. As such,...

Date published: 09-26-2011
The 2012 Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, "Land governance in a rapidly changing environment", will be held on April 24 and 25, 2012 at the World Bank Headquarters, Washington, D.C. It aims to foster dialogue and sharing of experience on how different actors can help improve land governance and how doing so can contribute to equitable growth and poverty reduction. There shall be presentations at the conference that shall focus on innovative, pro-poor,...

Date published: 09-23-2011
The men and women of the Americas who sign this declaration – professionals and activists in the field – have been working for some time in the area of habitat and social housing. We have been a part of many achievements, experienced the frustrations, and witnessed successes and setbacks throughout the years. For this reason, we feel the need to make this reflection public in order to contribute to the collective search for better alternatives. While humankind has achieved great...

Date published: 09-15-2011
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Date published: 09-05-2011
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