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HIC launches publication on World Habitat Day commemorating more than 40 years of struggle for Social Justice
Date published: 10-01-2018

If you want to use the text of the World Habitat Days 2011 Liaison Committee Joint Declaration for your WHD activities, please download this pdf flyer that you can print and distribute.For Housing and Land Rights !HIC GS Team...

Date published: 09-30-2011
This paper describes the historical process of urban-legal reform in Brazil since the late 1970s, especially since the promulgation of the 1988 Federal Constitution and the enactment of the 2001 City Statute. It discusses how the new legal order has consolidated the notion of the "right to the city" in the country, meaning the inseparable combination of the principle of the social functions of property and the city, and the principle of democratic management of cities. Special emphasis is given...

Date published: 09-29-2011
While there has been a growing utilization of Henri Lefebvre’s concept of the ‘right to the city’, not much has been said about the legal implications of such a concept. This article discusses the main aspects of the legal construction of the ‘right to the city’ in Brazil. Following a discussion of Lefebvre’s contribution to the debate on urban politics, the article analyses the role played by the legal order in the determination of the exclusionary pattern of urban development in...

Date published: 09-27-2011
According to the electoral calendar, the voting phase of the HIC Presidential Election has ended. The following is the final report of the Electoral Committee:According to the information provided by the General Secretariat, 67 members had the right to vote for the 2011 Election of the HIC President. We received a total of 48 votes, from which 45 were valid. Two votes were received after the voting period ended, and one organization voted although they did not have the right to vote. As such,...

Date published: 09-26-2011
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