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The African representative of HIC's Board Dr. Mrs Ifeyinwa Ofong and Habitat International Coalition General Secretariat are organizing a side event titled "Addressing inequalities and challenges to social inclusion: Housing and evictions, Extractive Industries and land grabbing".
Date published: 01-10-2019

Across the globe, demonstrations, meetings, films and other events will be organized by you and others during the World Habitat Days, 16 September – 31 October 2011.  This map will showcase your events locally as well as for the larger movement. Now, promote and share your event: Fill out this form Send a tweet with links to the hashtag #WHD2011 Send an email to worldhabitatdays@gmail.com with complete details To view the map, click on the map above or visit...

Date published: 08-22-2011
Boaventura de Sousa Santos* In spite of their specificity, the violent riots in London and other British cities should not be seen as an isolated phenomenon. They are a disturbing sign of our time. In contemporary societies a high inflammable fuel is flowing underneath our collective lives unsuspected of families,communities, social organizations, and politicians. When it rises to the surface, propelled by a spark-like incident, it may provoke a social fire of unimaginable...

Date published: 08-21-2011
The 2011 Global Habitat Days Campaign “Resistances and Alternatives for the Right to Habitat”is our opportunity to raise awareness about and rally against forced evictions, insecurity of tenure and land grabbing, in solidarity with inhabitants’ organizations and victimized activists that defend the right to habitat. We are inviting you to contribute to the development of the Global Solidarity Map, created specifically for this Campaign, by submitting cases of violations or...

Date published: 08-19-2011
   Recognizing the common structural factors of the neoliberal system that lie behind the persistent and systematic violation of land and housing rights around the world, and following the decision taken by the World Assembly of Inhabitants, we have constituted the Liaison Committee and call upon all housing and land rights activists to organize and join in mass actions from 15 September through 31 October 2011 to demand genuine fulfillment of the right to housing and land for all, an...

Date published: 08-19-2011
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