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Date published: 09-27-2019

 8th of March – International Women’s DayAlthough, in recent decades, we, women, have taken great strides towards equal rights all over the world, on March 8th we are reminded that there is still much to do.On the International Women’s Day, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing stresses the urgent need for States to make all possible effort to guarantee the right of women to housing.One of the necessary measures is adoption of housing policies that take into...

Date published: 03-08-2012
This 8th March, we, women of the World March of Women, continue on the march, to resist, and to construct a world for us, for others, for our peoples, for all living things and the environment. These actions continue to confront the onslaught of the lethal capitalist paradigm with its false solutions to the crises and its fundamentalist, conservative ideology. We are bearing the brunt of a crisis of the capitalist, racist and patriarchal system that, in order to sustain itself, imposes...

Date published: 03-02-2012
Habitat International Coalition (HIC) has learned from the Sanya Welfare Center for Day-Laborers' Association Currently about 20 homeless people are living in the tents and huts in the Arakawa riverside area near Horikiri Bridge (Arakawa City, Tokyo). They have lost jobs and houses, and have no other option but to eke out a livelihood while securing a living space in public. MLIT is now conducting two public works projects named “Sumida nature conservancy” and “Onagigawa...

Date published: 02-24-2012
Call to continue the global articulation for rights related to habitat

Date published: 02-03-2012
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