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This annual report presents the work of HIC during 2017 in defense of human dignity, social justice, equity, diversity, solidarity and peace. HIC Members and Allies are actively involved in this task in all continents.
Date published: 03-22-2019

CURRICULUM VITAE    Mar√≠a Lorena Z√°rate I was born in La Plata, Argentina on November 18, 1971. I studied History at the National University of La Plata and was a member of the Working Group on Visual History. Before joining the Habitat International Coalition (HIC) in Mexico City, I worked for 7 years in Argentina as a member of the editing and publishing team for the Centre for Environmental Studies and Projects Foundation (Fundaci√≥n CEPA, Centro de...

Date published: 08-05-2011
About activism, awards, appointments, expert groups and forums and academic achievement Activism Transnational: Part of the social movements and pressure groups concerned with issues of habitat and environment, human rights, food sovereignty, globalization and the neo-liberal conduct of international and supranational institutions and so on. National: Part of the leadership of the Kenyan reform movement that contributed to the ‚ÄėKenyan Spring‚Äô by removal of the dictatorial...

Date published: 08-05-2011
Electoral Process for HIC President (2011-2015) Challenges, Motivations and Proposals (excerpt)[1] In less than a century, the world around us has changed more than in its entire history. When my grandparents were young, they lived in the country-side, in the heart of the misty Argentinean pampa. My parents were born in areas closer to the capital, but they still know how to grow basic staples. Myself, I was born in a city and would die if I had to live off of what I planted in...

Date published: 08-05-2011
Statement by Davinder Lamba for HIC President Election It is with pleasure that I present this statement to HIC Members as candidate for the HIC President Election. This statement elaborates on the local and global orientation of my organization as well as my own, why we are affiliated with HIC, and why HIC and we struggle for the realization of human dignity, participatory governance and a sustainable habitat and environment. I conclude by drawing out HIC organizational matters of...

Date published: 08-05-2011
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