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Date published: 09-27-2019

The men and women of the Americas who sign this declaration – professionals and activists in the field – have been working for some time in the area of habitat and social housing. We have been a part of many achievements, experienced the frustrations, and witnessed successes and setbacks throughout the years. For this reason, we feel the need to make this reflection public in order to contribute to the collective search for better alternatives. While humankind has achieved great...

Date published: 09-15-2011
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Date published: 09-05-2011
Mapping urban conflicts An interactive map illustrates the impacts of neoliberal urban restructuring in Santiago de Chile as well as the struggles against it. In a growing metropolis with seven million inhabitants like Santiago de Chile, there are a lot of emerging conflicts but they are not always visible at the first sight. A quick glance of Santiago could leave the impression that its main problem is the air pollution (due to its position in the Andean valley) given that the...

Date published: 09-01-2011
HIC President Election 2011 : Call to vote
Source: Electoral Committee for President Election 2011
Communication N° 06/CE-HIC-2011

Date published: 09-01-2011
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