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The African representative of HIC's Board Dr. Mrs Ifeyinwa Ofong and Habitat International Coalition General Secretariat are organizing a side event titled "Addressing inequalities and challenges to social inclusion: Housing and evictions, Extractive Industries and land grabbing".
Date published: 01-10-2019

HIC together with the Global Platform for the Right to the City has brought this year a dedicated programme to the High-Level political Forum within and outside of the United Nations building.

Date published: 07-23-2018
Dear HIC Members of the Africa region, Receive the greetings of the EC. As you already know, the current term of your Representative to the Habitat International Coalition Board has expired. The next four-year term will run from 2018 through 2022. The HIC Members with the right to vote of the Africa region are cordially invited to participate in the election process. If your name is stated on the Roster of Voter downloadable here, you are requested to vote for ONE CANDIDATE...

Date published: 07-20-2018
Dear African Members of Habitat International Coalition (HIC), Receive the warm regards of the Electoral Committee (EC) Members that are conducting the process for the election of the next Representative for Africa at the HIC Board for 2018-2022. After a break, we are now resuming the electoral process. We apologize for the delay in the process, the 3 month interruption is due to a long debate aiming to solve a dissention within the Electoral Committee in the lecture and...

Date published: 07-17-2018
This Conference will feature a discussion of the role of cities in the High Level Political Forum 2018 as well as the G20 in preparation of the Urban 20 (U20) this October in Buenos Aires.

Date published: 07-13-2018
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