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The General Assembly of HIC, held in Nairobi on October 10, 2017, had a great participation, good spirit and excellent willingness. The Assembly was attended by 51 participants from 36 organizations and 23 countries. HIC's global struggles for social justice, gender equality, and environmental sustainability, and the defence, promotion and realization of human rights related to housing and land in both rural and urban areas are reflected in the daily work of HIC Members in Africa.
Date published: 01-08-2018

Kuria Patterson Gathuru, a senior staff member of Mazingira Institute (HIC Africa Focal Point), passed away in Nairobi on 15 November 2017. He served tirelessly on the international stage as a HIC representative from 2014, for the urban food insecure constituency of the Civil Society Mechanism for the UN Committee on World Food Security. He participated in HIC event in Nairobi. He was a mentor and trainer par excellence on the practice of urban agriculture. He had been very sick for...

Date published: 11-28-2017
Civil society across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is now more capable to use international standards to solve local problems related to land and natural resource management. An indicator of this progress is the recent Earth Forum held in Tunis from 25 to 27 October 2017. The sixth session of the Land Forum in MENA was the most-recent iteration of the regional forum for the exchange of experiences and strategies and the enhancement of communication among civil society...

Date published: 11-28-2017
Local and regional leaders and housing policy experts met in Barcelona from 2-3 November to reaffirm their commitment to housing as a human right and share experiences on making it a reality.

Date published: 11-28-2017
Canadian Housing and Renewal Association's response to the National Housing Strategy
Source: Canadian Housing and Renewal Associatio (CHRA)
The federal government today unveiled Canada’s first ever National Housing Strategy, a historic plan which contains a series of policies and programs that puts the needs of Canada’s most vulnerable populations at its core. The Strategy aims to invest over $40 billion with the objective of creating 100,000 new affordable housing units, repairing and renewing 300,000 units, and removing 530,000 households from core housing need. As the national association representing the social,...

Date published: 11-28-2017
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