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Housing in Europe:
Time to Evict the Crisis
Ready to follow up on the campaign on human rights defenders to land, housing and the right to the city?
Date published: 09-27-2019

Al-Haq International Law Summer School
Source: Al-Haq Center for Applied International Law
The summer school aims to assist post-graduates and professionals develop a coherent understanding of the legal and human rights situation in the OPT with an applicable approach. The summer school offers lectures by human rights professionals and group discussions on key human rights issues and trends in violations witnessed in the OPT.

Date published: 03-15-2019
This article is a reflection on the Social Production of Habitat processes in the case of Mashimoni, Nairobi in Africa. This is the result of a desk research in the framework of an alliance between DPU - UCL (Development Planning Unit - University College London) and HIC (Habitat International Coalition) in which it is intended to reflect on the SPH processes, its possible impact on citizenship as well as some of the challenges and opportunities in relation to the use of the SPH in the context of Africa.

Date published: 03-12-2019
The Kisumu International Housing conference will bring together all local stakeholders in the Housing sector and selected experts from across the globe to discuss the sector trends against the Sustainable Development Goals and New Urban Agenda and forge joint interventions.

Date published: 03-11-2019
We call on Sierra Leone to release those detained, investigate the killing of these human rights defenders, and protect the Malen people targeted for defending their human rights.

Date published: 03-11-2019
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