Habitat International Coalition
Global network for the right to habitat and social justice
25 Benefits of HIC Membership

Being part of the Global Network for the Right to Habitat and Social Justice

  1. Be part of a growing global movement / coalition fighting for the Right to Adequate Housing, Land and Habitat for all;
  2. Attract public attention to your organization globally—make your group's voice heard!
  3. Adopt the HIC approach to “act locally, think globally”: Find a global context for your local work;
  4. Realize the common ground and solidarity with others working in your region and wider world;
  5. Learn about the current and emerging trends in the critical field of human settlements and development;
  6. Work at the confluence of human rights and development issues and approaches;
  7. Access HIC Membership database to find partners, form alliances, identify needed expertise and/or HIC Members needing your services;
  8. Rely on fellow HIC Members to complement your skills and expertise where needed;
  9. Share your experience, knowledge and capacities;
  10. Receive information relevant to the struggles for housing and land rights in your country, in your region and across the planet;
  11. Become eligible to join HIC globally recognized Member networks on:
    1. Housing and Land Rights,
    2. Habitat and Sustainable Environment, and
    3. Women and Habitat;
  12. Share experience, improve skills and praxis in the field of habitat by accessing the HICademy in three languages that offers:
    1. The Habitat Terms Wiki
    2. an online supply and demand system for training, advice and internships (in construction)
    3. HIC Documents (see menu HIC Documents)
    4. Habitat Themes Library
  13. Use the HIC name and promotion material as logo and flyers for your organization’s activities and struggles;
  14. Form or join international, regional and local campaigns, such as International Housing Rights Days of Action
  15. Enlist Member support for your own local, national and regional campaigns;
  16. Use the HIC annual global mapping exercise;
  17. Use all HIC Structures website features and documents as research tools;
  18. Access United Nations, other intergovernmental agencies and international forums dealing with housing, land and habitat rights receiving HIC support in the application, organization of events and logistics;
  19. Represent your group's agenda at global and regional events such as the World Social Forum and the World Urban Forum;
  20. Access products and services of Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN), including:
    1. Training delivery and support,
    2. Publication,
    3. Developing methodologies for monitoring and defending housing and land rights,
    4. Presenting critical housing and land rights analysis to UN legal and political bodies, and
    5. Participating in HIC-HLRN Urgent Action Appeal system
    6. Using the analysis derived from the HLRN Violation Database
  21. Link your organization's to websites of HIC and its major structures;
  22. Contribute to, share in, and benefit from the emerging “HICademy” of collective HIC Member-developed curricula and methods for capacity building in a range of functions vital to your organization’s habitat-related program;
  23. Have your organization’s representatives to vote and run for the HIC Board. Set global policy for HIC in General Assembly meetings (HIC Friends—i.e., individual members—can participate HIC meetings and processes, but without voting rights);
  24. Receive meeting minutes of General Assembly meeting;
  25. Publish your articles, calls to actions, materials and invitations worldwide through the HIC News mailing list, the HIC Latin America News Bulletin and HIC Website, regional structures websites and sections, HIC Campaign website and blogs.



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