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Member Contributions

The HIC Constitution requests organization members and individual friends to respect the objectives and principles of the Coalition and to sustain the organization’s development through annual contributions.

According to the HIC By-Law first part approved in July 2014, there are different ways to contribute:

- The contributions other than dues include active participation in the tasks and activities of the Coalition, shared by the Member in the Member Space. These contributions are aligned with the HIC strategy and support to the consolidation of the Coalition. The list of contributions can be found in the HIC By-Law and in the Member Space. Each activity is completed by gender indicators (if applicable). The Member should log into his Member Space with access codes to load its contributions to HIC.
- Monetary contributions are annual fees.

Each member may choose the type of contribution s/he wants to make. The evaluation of the membership status will be based on these contributions. The contributions give organizations full benefits including the one to have the Member organization’s representatives to vote and run for the HIC Board and to set global policy for HIC in General Assembly meetings and to vote for the election of HIC President.

If choosing financial contributions, the organization or friend should pay an annual fee defined by a sliding scale that is directly related to the budget or annual income. The minimum fee is 50 US$ or 40 € per year.

The sliding scale proposed by the HIC Board and approved by the General Assembly is the following: 

In US$:

  • US$50 for an annual organizational budget or personal income below US$50.000;
  • US$100 for a budget/income from US$50.001 to US$100.000;
  • US$200 for a budget/income from US$100.001 to US$200.000;
  • US$400 for a budget/income over US$200.001

In €:

  • €40 for an annual organizational budget or personal income below €40.000;
  • €75 for a budget/income from €40.001 to €750.000;
  • €150 for a budget/income from €75.001 y €150.000;
  • €300 for a budget/income over €150.001

The fees can be:

  • Provided to a Board Representative, a Reference Center Coordinator or to the HIC General Secretariat.
  • Transferred in US$ or € to a Bank Account (contact marie to receive the banking information)

When payment is done, the Member should inform marie who will issue a receipt and a Certificate of Membership.



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