Habitat International Coalition
Global network for the right to habitat and social justice
Responsibilities of HIC Members
  • Be a part of implementing HIC's global program and HIC campaigns
  • Alert HIC about housing and land rights violations, forced evictions, or neoliberal destruction of habitat in your area
  • Help publicize HIC campaigns and activities in your area
  • Network with local and regional HIC members to advance HIC's agenda, locally, regionally, nationally and globally
  • Bring information regarding your group's campaigns and activities to HIC
  • Disseminate HIC information to your organization's membership
  • Pay annual dues, based on your organization's annual budget (See Sliding Scale). Individuals can join only as non-voting members
  • Keep dues and organizational information current, including any changes in your organization's Voting Representative to HIC
  • Promote HIC Membership in your area
  • Vote in HIC elections and assemblies (organizational members only)
  • Update HIC membership form in HIC database




Habitat International Coalition
General Secretariat