Habitat International Coalition
Global network for the right to habitat and social justice
General Assembly

The strength of the Coalition is based on its worldwide membership, relating in a same approach social movements, community based organizations, NGOs, academic centers and persons with a specific compromise on housing issues. HIC brings together organizations of diverse origins, scales, and natures:

  • Social organizations and movements, associations, cooperatives, that unite inhabitants struggling to implement their rights to the city, land, and housing.
  • Civil or nongovernmental organizations, unions, that unite professionals and technicians who act in solidarity with peoples’ causes and who orient their work to support habitat production and social management processes.
  • Academic groups, researchers, and technicians focused on urban and housing issues and others, such as the environment and gender, that cross the broad field of human habitat.
  • Organizations and activists interested in promoting, defending and guaranteeing the fulfilment of the human rights linked to habitat, in particular in relation to the homeless, the evicted and displaced, women, and society’s most vulnerable sectors.
  • Single individuals who wish to support HIC activities can also adhere by becoming "friends of HIC".

HIC members in good standing*, sorted by region:
Africa - Anglophone Africa - Francophone
Angola  Kenya  South Africa  Uganda  Cameroon 
Asia Europe
India  South Korea  Spain  Switzerland  United Kingdom 
Latin America Middle East/North Africa
Argentina  Bolivia  Brazil  Chile  Colombia  Costa Rica  Cuba  Ecuador  El Salvador  Guatemala  Honduras  Mexico  Peru  Uruguay  Iraq  Palestine  Turkey 
North America  
* the term "good standing" refers to the status of a HIC Member organization or Friend of HIC as (1) complying with the HIC Constitution (1997) and "Philosophy, Principles and Objectives" (1997), and (2) having paid its annual membership dues to the HIC Secretariat, or to other authorized structure for the current period

Habitat International Coalition
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