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HIC participation at CHR 62
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Source: HIC-HLRN

We will be represented at the 62nd session of the Commission on Human Rights and the first session of the new Human Rights Council

We will be focusing on the following issues during the Commission/Council sessions:
Economic/social/cultural rights, particularly the human right to adequate housing and land, both thematically—particularly women’s rights to housing, land and property inheritance, as well as the context of globalization/privatization—and in country-specific cases, including Palestine, Iraq and Sudan.

We have submitted or plan to submit written statements on the following topics:
1. Women’s housing and land rights
2. Housing and land rights violations in Palestine
3. Population displacement and restoration of housing/land rights in Iraq and Palestine

We expect to make, or would be interested in contributing to, oral statements on the following topics:
Indigenous peoples’ land rights

We anticipate organizing parallel events on the following topics:
Women’s housing and land rights, in conjunction with the global study by the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing

The other UN languages in which our representatives can function are:
English, Arabic, Spanish, French

Contact person: Joseph Schechla
Email address : jschechla@hlrn.org

Website address : http://www.hic-net.org and http://www.hlrn.org

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