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HIC President Election 2011 : Call to vote
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Source: Electoral Committee for President Election 2011

Communication N° 06/CE-HIC-2011

Communication N° 06/CE-HIC-2011

To: HIC Members with Right to Vote

SUBJECT: Call to vote

DATE: 08-01-2011

Dear Friends of Habitat International Coalition (HIC),

Receive the warm regards of Electoral Committee (EC) members.

The Electoral Committee is happy to invite the 67 HIC members with right to vote to elect the new HIC President 2011-2015.

To know who the eligible candidates are, please consult the pages: Candidate Davinder Lamba and Candidate Lorena Zárate.

The ballots will be validated if they meet all the following requirements:

Your organization must be on the Voters list (http://president2011.hic-net.org/right-to-vote/rtv-31-08-2011)

Your vote must be sent by email to ec-president2011@hic-net.org

Your vote must be issued and received between September 1st and 15th.

Your vote must contain the Name of HIC Member organization and person voting

Your vote must display the name of ONE validated candidate (Davinder Lamba OR Lorena Zárate)

The Electoral Committee will send you an acknowledgement of receipt for your vote.

The ballots will be verified and counted on September 16th.

After affirming and documenting the participation of a quorum of at least ten percent (10%) of eligible voting HIC Members, the Electoral Committee will report the final result to the HIC Board before further public dissemination of the results (Blog, HIC News and MailingList) on Monday September 19th .


Ramiro García


Electoral Committee

Mrs. Shivani Bhardwaj

Mr. Abu Rayhan Albeeroonee

Mr. Abdul Hamid Slatch

Ms. Rajaa’ Kassab

Mr. Franck Olivier Kouame

Email: ec-president2011@hic-net.org


Habitat International Coalition
General Secretariat