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Help us fight the eviction of homeless people from the Children’s Hall in Shibuya!!
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Source: Shibuya Free Association for the Right to Housing and Well-being of the HOMELESS (NOJIREN)

Show your opposition to the temporary full enclosure at the Children’s Hall and the eviction of homeless persons that it represents.

Dear Friends,

Homeless persons in Shibuya are faced with the threat of permanent eviction from the Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall. This is a highly valuable public space where persons on the street can stop and get some rest--a rarity in Shibuya's extremely urbanized landscape. Not only that but a "communal kitchen" run by and for homeless persons, which has been operating since the 1990s, will also be put to an end should this eviction take place. In other words, homeless person sin Tokyo are now facedwith the possible devastatingloss of a space to rest, share information, and eat.

Read their summary of the circumstances on the petition that we request you to sign and send to the responsible agencies (all contact information is shown on the petition). Please click here to download the text of the petition.

Help NOJIREN to fight this looming eviction!

Please feel free to share this appeal with your friends and associates.

All action must be taken by October 17th!

Thank you for your support!!

Warmest regards,

Rayna Rusenko

Shibuya Free Association for the Right to Housing and Well-being of the HOMELESS (NOJIREN)

1-27-8 (202) Higashi



E-mail: nojiren@jca.apc.org

Fax: +81-3-3406-5254


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