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Tribunal on Evictions in Geneva
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VENUE : Salle Carson, Maison des Associations
DAY : Friday 28 September 2012
TIME : 9am-12pm

Organized for the first time in 2011, the Tribunal for Evictions is an opinion Tribunal based on the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and other international legal instruments related to the enforcement of the right to housing and land. The Tribunal aims to present cases of housing rights violations taking place around the world to a panel of reference persons meeting in Geneva.

The aim is to strengthen the recognition, the proposals and the struggles against violations of housing rights at local, national and global level including deportations of people from their homes and their land. It also aims to highlight the threats and violence of any kind perpetrated against human rights defenders.

The jury will assess these situations and prepare recommendations to be presented to relevant countries and authorities. A follow up with the relevant authorities will then be undertaken. Beyond these recommendations, the testimonies reported by invited civil society actors will aim to feed the debate on housing rights and to build links of solidarity.

The jury consists of :

  • Gordon Aeschiman(Tribunal des Baux et Loyers de Genève)
  • Yves Cabannes(Development Planning Unit, Univerity College London)
  • Christophe Golay(GenevaAcademy of International humanitarian law and human rights)
  • Cesare Ottolini(International Alliance of Inhabitants, Italy)
  • Malavika Vartak(Amnesty International, London)

Please click here for further information on the cases of evictions to be presented during the tribunal.
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