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International Workshop "Progress in the implementation of the Right to the City in Latin America and in the world"
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Source: HIC-AL

Mexico DF, October 17-18, 2013

To follow the International Workshop with the online stream (with translation in English), click here.

Workshop Description

The workshop consists of two sessions (Thursday 17 October from 09.00 to 18.30 and Friday 18 October from 09.00 to 15.00)

Participant Profile

International networks representatives, social movements, NGOs, human rights activist, academics and governmental institution representatives


1st session
Thursday October 17, 2013




1. Registration, welcome, introduction of participants (organization, city/country, and their involvement in the right to the city issues, and processes underway).

* Registration

* Introduction to workshop by HIC-AL

* The facilitator (VMAP) explains the objectives of the workshop and the work program

* Schedules and working rules

* Participants introduce themselves with a brief resume about themselves and their respective organizations

* General introduction of the project (background, context, objectives, activities and expected results) HIC-AL





11- 11.25

2. Presentation of progress in regional research (identifying the general approach, struggles and instruments, preliminary analysis, obstacles, gaps, proposals for following stage).

* First presentation. South Africa – by Isandla Institute, Cape Town, South Africa Prerecorded presentation with the right to the city in Kenya, Johannesburg and Cape Town. The participants’ questions and observations shall be made in writing to the presenter for corresponding feedback

* Second presentation. Middle East and North Africa, Joseph Schechla from HIC’s Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN) in Cairo, Egypt

Presentation related to the right to the city in Jerusalem and Cairo

* Questions/Answers/Discussions





* Third presentation. Europe, Eva García, Spain Presentation on the right to the city in Spain, France and Italy

* Questions/Answers/Discussions

12.40- 13.10



13.40- 15.10




* Fourth Presentation. Latin America - Irene Guimarães, Instituto Polis, Brazil

Presentation on the right to the city in Brazil and Colombia and in the cities of Medellín, Bogotá, São Paulo

* Questions/Answers/Discussions

15.25- 15.55



16.25 – 16.40

3. Establishing bases for defining strategies, based on the analysis, conceptual debate, and further exploration of the three presentations given (Part I)

* Form two large working groups (English/Spanish language), which may be subdivided as necessary to analyze, to discuss and establish the bases of the strategy in order to implement the right to the city in the various regions and across the world, on the basis of questions to introduce the topic

* Each group prepares a presentation to develop in the plenary session


3. Establishing bases to define strategies …(Part II)

* The two large groups and their subgroups present their respective analyses and conclusions


Second session
Friday October 18, 2013





3. Establishing bases to define strategies …(Part III)

* After the presentations, rotating roundtable discussions will take place in which each group analyzes and develops the presentations made by the other teams. The first round shall take 5 minutes, and the duration will decrease with each turn

* The debate is opened to the plenary session to define the regional and global strategic lines for the right to the city, thus contributing to international discussions on the issue – in light of progress made between 2005 and 2013 – in order to make progress toward its recognition, implementation and enforceability



4. Definition of regional and global articulations based on defined strategies

* Form the same number of working teams as strategies defined (4 max.)

Each group works with the chosen strategy, exploring and defining viable regional articulations to strengthen the implementation of this strategy, and presenting their work




5. Discussion of contents for medium-term strategies 2013-2016 (World Urban Forum Medellín 2014, International Forum on the Right to the City Brazil 2014, Habitat III 2016)

* Plenary session moderated by HIC and Foro Nacional de Reforma Urbana (base discussion document)


6. Evaluation and closing session

* Works evaluated

* Workshop closed

14.30- 15.00



Upon completion of the workshop we will go to Mexico City’s Human Rights Commission (CDHDF), the venue for the International Forum on the Right to the City.

• Economic, Social and Cultural Rights   • Housing and Land Rights / Right to Adequate Housing   • Housing Policies   • Right to the City   

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