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HIC Takes on COP21
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Source: HIC

HIC is participating in the current Conference of Parties, also known as COP21, which is gathering the 195 countries that have joined and ratified the UN Framework Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) following the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. In an effort to address climate change, the states and organizations convened are sharing and formalizing their strategies and commitments severally and collectively to resist, mitigate and/or adapt to climate change.

The UNFCCC is the UN official body (secretariat) in charge of facilitating the convention, which leaves little space for the ultimately affected people to participate in the decisions. Nonetheless, HIC and participating Members are present with a message to delegates that promotes «Building Climate-resilient Societies», not only resilient cities. The HIC message emphasizes the urgent priority to engage impoverished and marginalized communities in the plans and efforts to withstand ever-increasing effects of climate change. The message also calls for a new articulation of resilience—with accountability and liability—within a human rights framework that both prevents and remedies harm.

Download the HIC statement here.

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