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Popular Committees towards Habitat III
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Source: HIC-GS

Popular Committees' members will work together to enforce Habitat rights and achieve more just, democratic and sustainable cities in which Human Rights are fulfilled.


In October 2016 in Quito, Ecuador, the United Nations will hold its third Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) to discuss and plan a new Agenda for human settlements for the coming decades. It is essential that this process includes the participation of social movements and civil society organizations in order to address the diversity of Habitat issues, not narrowing its scope to merely urban aspects, as planned by UN-Habitat with the approval of states and some partners, but including the urban-rural continuum and symbiosis. Popular Committees (CPCs) aims at coordinating national/regional strategies emerging from individuals, organizations and communities whose participation in these global agendas is frequently denied by state authorities and international agencies. PCs' members will work together to enforce Habitat rights and achieve more just, democratic and sustainable cities in which Human Rights are fulfilled.

All together we can build another possible city and another possible world.


Each PC shall define its operation and local agenda aiming to (1) voice the inhabitants’ concerns on different topics related to urban and rural Habitat, (2) strengthen national and regional coordination and, if possible, (3) advocate on the Habitat III preparatory documents and events. This can be done by means of:

1. The promotion and dissemination of specific topics such as the Social Production of Habitat (SPH), the Right to the City (R2C) and the Human Right to Adequate Housing and Land, among others.
2. The celebration of local events, with allies, aiming to share experiences and gain more visibility.
3. The construction of a common popular position with other partners that addresses the New Urban Agenda.
4. The organization of collective and simultaneous activities in different countries during October 2016, including activities in Quito during the Alternative Popular Forum which will be held in parallel to Habitat III.

PCs background in Latin America

In September 2015, 11 organizations -from Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela- participated in a meeting of the Social Production of Habitat Working Group, coordinated by Habitat International Coalition (HIC). They called for the conformation of Popular Committees towards Habitat III to actively engage in this process and to denounce and influence the governments' plans of action towards this Conference.

Going beyond urban issues, this group claimed that the access to land and territory -as core part of the SPH concept toward a more just, human and supportive Habitat- is one of the essential contributions of the PCs to the official Habitat III conference.

They also denounced how the SPH has been left aside of the official discussion and documents, ignoring the efforts of many wishing to exercise their Human Right to Habitat and to Adequate Housing.

As of today, the following Popular Committees has been established in Latin America:

-Bolivia (3 PCs in La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz)

-El Salvador



-Costa Rica



-Peru (coming soon)

-Argentina (preliminary meetings)

-Mexico (named Platform for the Right to the City and in Defence of the Territory)

Don't hesitate! Call for a Popular Committee together with your allies and invite others to join it!

HIC General Secretariat / 11 January 2016 / gs@hic-net.org

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