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Press release. HIC and Habitat III: 40 years of struggle and beyond
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Source: Habitat International Coalition

Sunday, October 16, 2016.

The Habitat International Coalition (HIC), a global network for rights related to habitat and social justice, emerged 40 years ago from the committee of organizations formed to help organize and coordinate the contributions of NGOs in the United Nations Conference on human settlements – Habitat I - in Vancouver on 1976. Since then, HIC has fought for the construction and defense of human settlements by, for and with people, as promised in Vancouver.

20 years later, the Habitat II Agenda affirmed the centrality of good governance and human rights, particularly the right to adequate housing, and reaffirmed the importance of balanced urban and rural development, as agreed at Habitat I.

Now, HIC is at Habitat III to assess progress and setbacks of the "New Urban Agenda" compared to previous commitments and the current situation; to share proposals and strategies to implement, monitor and evaluate the new Agenda based on human rights and existing international laws; and to claim the participation of organized civil society, which has been gradually excluded from the process.

As it has been repeatedly mentioned by Lorena Zarate, President of HIC: "the real paradigm shift is to put human beings at the center, promoting, respecting and guaranteeing human rights for all; to promote social participation in decision making and implementation processes of public policies; and to strengthen democracy, transparency and accountability".

40 years after Vancouver, HIC’s members, friends and allies meet on Sunday October 16 at the Hostel Solera to celebrate the General Assembly and 40 years of struggle for social justice, gender equality and environmental sustainability, and of work for the defense, promotion and realization of human rights related to housing and land, both in rural and urban areas.

In this spirit, more than 120 members, friends and allies of HIC from different work fields, including social movements, academics, human rights activists, public authorities and NGOs, will participate in numerous events at the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, Habitat III, from 17th to 20th October in Quito, Ecuador. In addition, HIC organizes and will actively participate in forums and alternative spaces that publicly express the demands and expectations of civil society: the seminars "Urban Alternatives and Subjects Transformation" and "Towards an Alternative Habitat III", organized by FLACSO; the Social Forum of resistance to Habitat III; and PUCE Forum to Habitat III.

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