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HIC Regional Event in Africa / HIC General Assembly in Africa / Planning Event of the Global Platform for the Right to the City in Africa
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Source: HIC-GS

Letter to HIC Members in the Africa region

Meetings date proposals: around World Habitat Day 2017 (2 October 2017)

Dear HIC Members in the Africa region,

We hope this letter finds you all well.

For several years, we have been discussing together the importance of strengthening HIC in your region, as well as strengthening ties between Members of Africa and with Members from other regions. The Coalition has benefited valuable supports in the region, including very interesting initiatives which counted with the active participation of many of you at the regional and international level[i]. We believe that we must now jointly build a common work plan together with the leadership of HIC Members in Africa. In this sense we would like to propose the following events:

A. Pan-African Regional Event on Habitat Rights

The HIC General Secretariat (HIC GS) and the Housing and Land Rights Network (HIC HLRN) are working together to establish a Human Rights Habitat Observatory to monitor the implementation of the global agendas[ii]. Assessing the situation of such rights in the African region with HIC Members will be one of the Observatory’s priority objectives. In addition, this will represent a great opportunity to know more about the work of your organizations and will foster networking opportunities in the coming years.

B. HIC General Assembly 2017

The Assembly will enable us to strengthen ties, share experiences at the regional level and also learn from the global experiences of HIC and its members. The Assembly is an open event for all Members, Friends and Allies, but this Assembly will undoubtedly have a special focus on your region.

C. Planning event of the Global Platform for the Right to the City

This event will count with the participation of other international networks and African organizations and will serve to plan the Platform’s work for the coming years.

We believe that this sum of initiatives might lead to productive events and will serve to revitalize the work of the Coalition in the region. We will extend this invitation to HIC Members from other regions and to HIC Allies. Other initiatives such as the Global Platform for the Right to the City (cited above) or the Social Production of Habitat Platform will also be invited to share their global work and learn from the experiences of African Members.

We propose that these regional events take place around World Habitat Day 2017 (Monday, 2 October 2017). We must all discuss the best place to ensure greater representation of HIC Members and Allies and facilitate the Logistics.

We need your help to better plan this event, for this purpose, we kindly request you to answer the following questions:

This is a first step in a long process that we hope will culminate in useful events for all and will give rise to other initiatives in the region. We look forward to your active participation and support, and we kindly request you to send us an email answering the three questions to gs@hic-net.org before May 5, 2017.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

Álvaro Puertas

HIC Secretary General

[i] For more information: http://hic-gs.org/eventsdetail.php?pid=6101, http://www.hic-gs.org/news.php?pid=6135, http://www.hic-gs.org/news.php?pid=6544, http://www.hic-gs.org/document.php?pid=6891, http://www.hic-gs.org/eventsdetail.php?pid=6914 and http://www.righttothecityplatform.org.br/gpr2c-promotes-local-debate-on-right-to-the-city-as-a-previous-of-africities/

[ii] In particular the Sustainable Development Goals, the Climate Change Agreements and the New Urban Agenda


Habitat International Coalition
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