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Press Release: HLRN Welcomes India’s Acceptance of UPR III Recommendations on Housing, Land, and Sustainable Development


Global/local learning exchange on contemporary housing struggles: Habitat International Coalition, and Experimentdays Berlin

Out of Africa: Human Rights Habitat Struggles


HIC-HLRN Hosts 6th MENA Land Forum in Tunis

Call to Participate in HIC and the GPR2C Meetings online!

Forced Evictions Cases

1. Zimbabwe. Evictions in Manzou Farm

2. Chennai. Over 400 families evicted in Chennaiunder the guise of ‘restoration of water bodies’and disaster management

3. Johannesburg. Fattis Mansion Residents Question the Legality of their forced Eviction

4. Otodo Gbame, Lagos, Nigeria. Thousands Displaced as Police Raze Lagos' Otodo Gbame

5. One million displaced in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai: UN

6. Italy: Police Beat Refugees During Eviction

7. Diyarbakir. Kurds forced to leave historic Turkey’s Sur district hit by violence

8. Negev: Israel razes Palestinian village for 113th time

9. Expelled Mexican Christians forced to live in wine cellar

10. Al-Sharq governerate, Kuwait. ‘Should we leave country’ – Fishermen without homes

11. Forced evictions in Kolkata for theFederation of International Football Associations’ (FIFA). Under-17 World Cup 2

12. 6 Cas D’evictions Forcees de Douala-Cameroun: Nkomba, PK14-17, Bepanda Axe Lourd, Bepanda Boulevard, Emprise Ferroviaire, et Corres

13. Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo: 11.000 familles paysannes de Bilangalonzo sous éxpulsions (ITE 2016)

14. Europe, France: L'expulsions des 400 personne, les familles roumaines des bidonvilles de la Petite Ceinture, Paris - CNDH Romeurope (ITE 2016)

15. South America, Brazil, Izidora, Belo Horizonte: 8.600 famílias das ocupações urbanas ameaçadas de despejo (ITE 2016)

16. Asia, South Korea: Militarisation of Jeju Island - Gangjeong Village Committee against Jeju Naval Base (ITE 2016)

17. Middle East,Israel/The Occupied Territories of Palestine, Negev: Unrecognized Bedouin villagesin Beer Chiva – RCUV (ITE 2016)

18. South-America, Ecuador: Comunidad de la Isla de Muisne amenazada con el desalojo con la excusa del Tsunami (ITE 2016)

19. South America, Ecuador: Violent evictions and threats for 5.000 families living in Monte Sinai and surrounding areas, Guayaquil (ITE 2016)

20. South America, Ecuador, Guayaquil: 350 families tenants of the Casas Colectivas under eviction (ITE 2016)

21. North America, USA: Detroit. The massive eviction of the impoverished by the crisis who fail to pay thewater bill due to the privatization of the sector (ITE 2016)

22. Asia, India: Expropriation and evictions to make room for a third airport for the national capital, New Delhi (ITE 2017)

23. Asia, Sri Lanka: Land grabbing for tourism development, Panama Village (ITE 2017)

24. South America, Argentina: Evictions and gentrification in the historic neighbourhood of La Boca, Buenos Aires (ITE 2017)

25. Africa, Kenya: Violent evictions of the Masai in the name of protecting wildlife to support elite tourism (ITE 2017)

26. Europe, Ialy: Fake tourist rentals on the Island of Pellestrina, Venice (ITE 2017)

27. Asia. India: 200.000 people under evictions because live in the submergence area of the Sardar Sarovar Dams, Narmada Valley (ITE 2017)


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