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HIC joins the call for international solidarity with the Brazilian people
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Following our gathering at the World Social Forum 2018 in Salvador de Bahia and supporting the call from our member from Brazil Uni?o Nacional Por Moradia Popular (UNMP), we would like to call for solidarity with Brazilian people that face today the most serious moment of attacking against democratic yearnings.

Brazil, home of the 2018 edition and cradle of the World Social Forum, so deeply connected to the struggles for democracy in the continent, is today experiencing a serious moment of attacking.This call denounces the political and judicial situation and the continuous attacks on civil society groups and grassroots movements in Brazil.

After the World Social Forum 2018 in Salvador de Bahia from March 13 to 17 2018, as organizations that participated in the facilitation process of a moment of encounter: horizontal, self-managed, determined where we reminded the WSF Charter of Principles, we would like to call for solidarity with Brazil.

This dramatic moment in Brazil demands the union of all those who fight for a more just and democratic world.

HIC members strongly support the call for international solidarity launched by:

- UNMP, HIC Member in Brazil (click here to read the Declaration in portuguese)

- Organizations of the Brazilian Collective and Facilitating Group of WSF 2018 (click here to read the call)

© Image Midia Ninja via www.fsm2018.org (The public of the Assembly of Democracies, at the Pitua?u Stadium, at the WSF 2018, in Salvador ? Bahia.)

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