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Statement about the right to housing for Indigenous people in Canada
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Stéphan Corriveau, from the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, pushes for an effective reconciliation process and housing policies that address indigenous people's needs, support indigenous' organizations and address decades of inaction.

During the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association's (CHRA) 51st National Congress, held from April 2 to April 4, 2019, the organization's Indigenous Caucus gathered to debate the path forward regarding housing policies for Canada's indigenous population, disproportionately affected by poor housing conditions and homelessness. During his remarks, Stéphan Corriveau, chair of CHRA and our HIC North America Board Member, pointed towards the long-standing negligence towards indigenous people throughout Canadian history and to the urgent need to push for an effective commitment by the government to Indigenous peoples needs (both in housing and other domains) in order to address this historic inaction.

Regarding housing, he pointed to the shortcomings of the Federal Government's National Housing Strategy released in 2017. The document evokes a commitment towards indigenous people, but does not set any clear goal or objectives nor commits significant resources to support indigenous people's organizations. Faced with this scenario, the CHRA Indigenous Caucus presented the Government, on June 2018, with a proposal called FIBI: "For Indigenous, By Indigenous”. The document lists alternatives and demonstrates the will and capacity (based on 50 years of experiences) to act swiftly and decisively to overcome the shameful situation generated for Indigenous people in urban, rural and northern spaces. The Federal Government, however, dismissed the proposal, alleging it was complicated and too expensive.

CHRA, as a national organization that brings the entire housing sector together under its umbrella, has clearly signalled that it understands and agrees that major resources should be dedicated toward urban, rural and northern Indigenous peoples. CHRA also backs the request of Indigenous Non-Profit providers to have their own stream of money and establish their own management structure.

You can read the the full remarks by Stéphan Corriveau here.

Source Image: Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

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