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Electoral Committee set up
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The current term of HIC President will expire in few months. The next four-year term will run from 2019 through 2023. The ongoing election process is being coordinated by the Electoral Committee composed of 6 volunteers:

Mrs. Graciela Maiztegui
Member organization: Habitar Argentina - Argentina – Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Mrs. Irene Escorihuela
Member organization: Observatori DESC - Spain – Region: Europe

Mr. Barry Pinsky
Member organization: Rooftops Canada - Canada – Region: North America and Canada

Mr. Humphrey Otieno Oduor
Member organization: Kenya Social Movement Network - Country: Kenya – Region: Africa

Mr. Khadim H. Dahot
Member organization: Sewa Development TrustSindh - Country: Pakistan – Region: Asia

Mr. Khalid Alkhawaldeh
Member organization: Dana and Qadisiyah Local Community Cooperative - Country: Jordan – Middle East and North Africa

Three (3) other offers to volunteer to the EC were received, but it had already been completed by region. We thank Mr. Suraj Ray from MACOSS (Mauritius), Mr. Khalid Gindeel from Nuba Mountains International Association (Egypt) and Mrs. Graciela Mariani (Argentina) for their good will to support this process.

A blog has been created to support the process. Some information and HIC documents are already available. You will also find a first tentative schedule for the electoral process that will be reviewed and adjusted by the EC.
Soon all the communications referring to the President Election will be online. See: https://www.hicpresident2019.hic-gs.org/

We remind you that, for requirements of the HIC Constitution (http://www.hic-gs.org/document.php?pid=4795) and the Presidential and Board Election and Representation By-law (http://www.hic-gs.org/document.php?pid=5725), only organization Members in good standing with their contributions will have the right to nominate candidates and vote. For membership fees concerns and other contributions, please contact Marie (marie@hic-net.org).

We thank all the 6 Electoral Committee Members and wish them best of luck!



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