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CSD-13 Must Translate Rights Into Action
Milestones and mobilization by people and civil society organizations towards a liveable planet for all.
Source HIC - GS (03-11-2005)
Nomination of candidates of social movements to HIC Board
To expand the representation.
Source (03-11-2005)
International Women's Day 2005: Women and Shelter
Women are the primary users of their homes but they are often ignored in all areas related to housing.
Source HIC -GS (03-09-2005)
Inquiry into the status of the human right to housing in the United States
NAHT letter to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights pointing out elements of the housing crisis in the US.
Source NAHT (03-04-2005)
Key Demands on Human Settlements for CSD-13
For EU positions at CSD 13 Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting
Source AG Habitat Forum (02-25-2005)
Charter for the Right to the City
Brazilian government suscribed the Charter during WSF 2005
Source HIC (02-09-2005)
People-centered Tsunami relief and rehabilitation
Recommendations from affected communities, professionals and NGOs in Asia
Source Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (02-01-2005)
Tsunami Thailand: The SECOND WEEK - from Somsook Boonyabancha
This unfortunate tragedy has added severely to the issues which most of the fisher-folk in Asia have faced for years: the most important being the insecure and weak land tenure status of most of the low income settlements along the coast.
Source News from ACHR (01-10-2005)
Tsunami Relief Appeal - South Asia
To raise funds to meet relief and rehabilitation needs
Source HIC-HLRN-SARP (12-30-2004)
Tsunami News from Asia's Urban Poor Networks
Find updates from our friends in Asia - from the urban poor community networks and supporters in: http://www.achr.net/
Source ACHR, HLRN-SARP, HIC (12-29-2004)

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