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250.000 tenants household in Germany have a transnational fund as landlord now
Viterra AG is privatising huge parts of their original social housing stock and creates new speculation bubbles -- with a contract missing obligations and securities for tenants.
Source Knut Unger (05-17-2005)
Latin American Women speak out about their Access to Adequate Housing
AWID Interview to Maria Silvia Emmanuelli.
Source AWID (05-05-2005)
Our friend, Wardah Hafidz is to receive Gwangju Human Rights Award!
HIC Board Member internationally awarded
Source ACHR (05-04-2005)
HIC Proposes Text to Clarify MDG Target 11
and Sample Letter to Support HIC Goals for Final CSD Report read...
Source HIC (04-18-2005)
Drinking Water Crisis in Pakistan and the Issue of Bottled Water
A case study edited by the Swiss Coalition of Development Organisations and ActionAid Pakistan
Source Nils Rosemann (04-15-2005)
Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment
Since 1996, over 2400 practices from 140 countries have been received. All submissions undergo a three-stage assessment and review process resulting in Award-winning, best and good practices.
Source BLP (04-15-2005)
Habitat Agenda has to give life to MDG
Statement of Ana Sugranyes to CSD-13, Human Settlements Debate
Source HIC (04-13-2005)
20th session of the Governing Council of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, (UN-HABITAT)
Scheduled to be held from 4 to 8 April 2005
Source HLRN (03-28-2005)
Reference frame as proposal for housing policies
Habitat as a fundamental human right. Joint document for the Commission on Human Rights, 61st session. [Spanish]
Source HLRN - AVE-CEVE (03-28-2005)
CSD-13 Must Translate Rights Into Action
Milestones and mobilization by people and civil society organizations towards a liveable planet for all.
Source HIC - GS (03-11-2005)

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