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Nomination of candidates of social movements to HIC Board
To expand the representation.
Source (03-11-2005)
International Women's Day 2005: Women and Shelter
Women are the primary users of their homes but they are often ignored in all areas related to housing.
Source HIC -GS (03-09-2005)
Inquiry into the status of the human right to housing in the United States
NAHT letter to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights pointing out elements of the housing crisis in the US.
Source NAHT (03-04-2005)
Key Demands on Human Settlements for CSD-13
For EU positions at CSD 13 Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting
Source AG Habitat Forum (02-25-2005)
Charter for the Right to the City
Brazilian government suscribed the Charter during WSF 2005
Source HIC (02-09-2005)
People-centered Tsunami relief and rehabilitation
Recommendations from affected communities, professionals and NGOs in Asia
Source Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (02-01-2005)
Tsunami Thailand: The SECOND WEEK - from Somsook Boonyabancha
This unfortunate tragedy has added severely to the issues which most of the fisher-folk in Asia have faced for years: the most important being the insecure and weak land tenure status of most of the low income settlements along the coast.
Source News from ACHR (01-10-2005)
Tsunami Relief Appeal - South Asia
To raise funds to meet relief and rehabilitation needs
Source HIC-HLRN-SARP (12-30-2004)
Tsunami News from Asia's Urban Poor Networks
Find updates from our friends in Asia - from the urban poor community networks and supporters in: http://www.achr.net/
Source ACHR, HLRN-SARP, HIC (12-29-2004)
Quick statement for the follow up of Multi stakeholder consultation with the EU
CSD 13 must deal with implementation and commitments on concrete action.
Source AG Habitat at Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung (12-16-2004)

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