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The safety and supposed benefits of the Sardar Sarovar Dam into question
More villages are submerged and Adivasis evicted.
Source HIC HLRN (08-31-2004)
Committed Cities - Women’s Inclusive Practices and Good Urban Policies
Panelists from Latin America, Europe and Asia will present their reflections and experiences concerning urban policies and its impact on women within the context of economic globalization and cultural changes.
Source Red Mujer y Hábitat (08-11-2004)
Regional Consultation on the “Women’s Right to Adequate Housing and Land”
The main purpose of the consultation was to advise the UN Special Rapporteur and provide testimonies on women’s housing and land rights issues across the region, and to generate guidance for States on how to meet their housing and land rights duties in a
Source HIC MENA (08-01-2004)
HIC General Assembly Agenda
Planned for Monday, September 13, 2004, in Barcelona, Spain
Source HIC (07-13-2004)
HIC annual events - Barcelona 2004
Coinciding with the Forum of Cultures Barcelona 2004 and the World Urban Forum, WUF, HIC is preparing its main annual events from September 8th to 17th.
Source HIC General Secretariat (06-16-2004)
Money for Lyari Expressway Project from Kuwait Development Fund
Already nearly 5,000 families have been evicted. Thousands of shops, schools, clinics, mosques and churches have been demolished. The resettlement site is very inadequate.
Source Eviction Watch - ACHR (06-15-2004)
Habitat Day 2004
Organize Action in YOUR City on International Housing Rights Days ! Each HIC affiliated network and organization is asked to sponsor one or more public events in their countries on or about International Housing Rights Day (first Monday in October)
Source HIC (06-01-2004)
Stop Bulldozers. Hundreds of houses being demolished at Rafah.
Prime Minister Sharon and Defense Minister Mofaz authorized the army to demolish hundreds of Palestinian houses at Rafah, on the Gaza Strip's border with Egypt, so as to create a "sterile" zone hundreds of meters wide.
Source HLRN (05-25-2004)
No State Is Above the Law
As the situation in Rafah and elsewhere in the Gaza Strip further deteriorates, local and international human rights organisations deplore the inaction of the international community.
Source HIC-HLRN - OMCT (05-22-2004)
Israel begins destruction of “hundreds of homes” in Rafah
2,197 people already left homeless in 15 days, at least 15 killed.
Source HLRN - OMCT (05-19-2004)

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