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Tsunami Relief Appeal - South Asia
To raise funds to meet relief and rehabilitation needs
Source HIC-HLRN-SARP (12-30-2004)
Tsunami News from Asia's Urban Poor Networks
Find updates from our friends in Asia - from the urban poor community networks and supporters in: http://www.achr.net/
Source ACHR, HLRN-SARP, HIC (12-29-2004)
Quick statement for the follow up of Multi stakeholder consultation with the EU
CSD 13 must deal with implementation and commitments on concrete action.
Source AG Habitat at Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung (12-16-2004)
HIC at the International Human Rights Day
Vowing that “another world is possible” for the 1.2 billion people with inadequate housing and more than 100 million who are homeless, and decrying the realities of war and forced evictions, Habitat International Coalition (HIC), reaffirms the human right
Source HIC (12-10-2004)
Laos Grassroots Savings Network
Through a horizontal exchnage process with communities in neighbouring Thailand, ACHR has helped develop a savings and credit network in Laos now comprising 6 cities and 6,000 families (in yr 2003).
Source ACHR (12-09-2004)
Germany - Tenants Protest Privatisations in Ruhr District
At November 24 Tenants associations and neighbourhood groups from Bochum, Dortmund, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Herne, Oberhausen and Witten organized a protest against privatisation of rental housing in Dusseldorf, the capital of the German federal state North
Source Knut Unger, Witten Tenants Association (12-02-2004)
HIC activities in the WSF 2005
HIC will be in the World Social Forum (WSF) of Porto Alegre from January 25 to 31, 2005. HIC bodies in partnership with other organization have registered the following activities.
Source HIC (11-23-2004)
HIC in Europe
Unione Inquiline suspended its activities as Focal Point and a regional committee was formed committed to building HIC in Europe
Source HIC (11-23-2004)
Chileans hold anti-globalization rally during APEC meeting
Ana Sugranyes, HIC General Secretary, and local HIC members participated to the rally organized to protest against US President Gorge W. Bush and the Economic Leaders' Meeting of the APEC.
Source HIC (11-22-2004)
Call for Papers: Privatisation in the housing sector
To exchange information and build ties between initiatives, housing organisations and academics to be able to act more effectively against neoliberal policy in the housing sector.
Source AG Social Housing (11-18-2004)

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