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The State of Housing Rights in MENA Region
World Habitat Day 2004 in the Middle East/North Africa more...
Source HIC MENA (10-04-2004)
HIC at European Social Forum in London
Program of events at the occasion of the 3rd ESF in London
Source HIC (10-03-2004)
For the Social Control of Urban Land Use
Land consumption by urban expansion and traffic facilities is one of the main reasons of environmental degradation worldwide. The indiscriminate access to land, on the other hand, is a strategic prerequisite for the provision of adequate housing for all.
Source Habitat International Coalition (HIC) and Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) (10-03-2004)
International Land and Housing Rights Day, 2004
Are the Cities “Engines of Rural Development” or “Machines that Suck in the Rural Population and its Economic Surplus”?
Source HIC (10-02-2004)
USA Tenants and Homeless Advocacy Groups Protest Bush Budget Cuts
Protests this fall against the Bush Administration’s plans to cut 600,000 families from the federal Section 8 program
Source NAHT (10-01-2004)
HIC at the World Urban Forum
What type of modell will it be implemented in meeting millenium goals? HIC challenges UN to recognize peoples process and be aware of right to housing and land as a human right.
Source HIC (09-14-2004)
HIC General Assembly
Minutes are being prepared to share the debate and de decisions of the Assembly with all members.
Source (09-13-2004)
The safety and supposed benefits of the Sardar Sarovar Dam into question
More villages are submerged and Adivasis evicted.
Source HIC HLRN (08-31-2004)
Committed Cities - Women’s Inclusive Practices and Good Urban Policies
Panelists from Latin America, Europe and Asia will present their reflections and experiences concerning urban policies and its impact on women within the context of economic globalization and cultural changes.
Source Red Mujer y Hábitat (08-11-2004)
Regional Consultation on the “Women’s Right to Adequate Housing and Land”
The main purpose of the consultation was to advise the UN Special Rapporteur and provide testimonies on women’s housing and land rights issues across the region, and to generate guidance for States on how to meet their housing and land rights duties in a
Source HIC MENA (08-01-2004)

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