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Israel begins destruction of “hundreds of homes” in Rafah
2,197 people already left homeless in 15 days, at least 15 killed.
Source HLRN - OMCT (05-19-2004)
HIC-AL activities in the Social Forum of the Americas
The first Social Forum of the Americas will be held in Quito, Ecuador between 25 - 30 July as part of the process opened in 2001 by the World Social Forum.
Source HIC-AL (05-18-2004)
Over 300,000 people to be forcefully evicted from Yamuna Pushta
In Delhi: 40,000 homes demolished so far
Source OMCT / HIC-HLRN: Case IND-FE 050504 (05-10-2004)
HLRN hosts regional consultation on the right to adequate housing
The subject and purpose of the regional consultation is “women’s right to adequate housing and land.” The consultation will take place in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina over four days (23–26 July 2004)
Source HLRN (05-07-2004)
Urban Poor Program
After long years of dialog and marches, the University of the Philippines, the Quezon City local government and the people have come to an agreement on what to do with the 19,000 urban poor families living illegally on the campus. It is a classic victory
Source Urban Poor Associates. Denis Murphy. (04-30-2004)
The Formosa Government Expropriates Indigenous Land
The Native Peoples Week 2004 began in mourning in Formosa. What originally was meant to be a celebration became a funeral, yet another sign of grief and dispossession affected the Pilagá Village who were expulsed from their land.
Source Ceibo T.B. (04-28-2004)
HIC at the WSF 2004 in Mumbai
There will be a couple of important conferences and workshops (co-)organized by HIC, the Housing Land Rights Network and active HIC members in Asia (LOCOA, UPC, UPA) and Latin America (Charter of the Right to the City). Workshop:
Source Knut Unger (04-04-2004)
Habitat Day. Activities in Mexico
Diverse urban organizations that are connected to the social production of housing, are implementing many actions for International Habitat Day and the 4th annual Continental Front of Community Organizations Conference.
Source HIC - LAC (10-04-2003)
Dialogue Roundtable for the Right to Housing
Source Cristina Almazán, UCISV-Pobladores A.C (10-03-2003)
Global Campaign For The Right To Housing Now in Argentina
Source Cristina Bosio, Asociación de la Vivienda Económica, CEVE (10-02-2003)

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