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News Release. Housing inequality defines Chilean landscape – UN Expert says
Source Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing (05-02-2017)
Extension of deadline for set up of Electoral Committee - HIC-NAM election
Election of HIC Board Member and Alternate (2017-2021)
Source HIC-GS (04-25-2017)
HIC Regional Event in Africa / HIC General Assembly in Africa / Planning Event of the Global Platform for the Right to the City in Africa
Letter to HIC Members in the Africa region
Source HIC-GS (04-21-2017)
Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement Press Statement: Two ANC Ward Councillors Have Launched a Local Militia in Durban
We do not believe that the purpose of this militia is to fight crime. It is clear to us that the purpose of this militia will be to use violence and intimidation to repress free political activity in these wards. We call upon all democrats to join us in opposing this militia and to take a clear stand for the rights of of all people, including impoverished black people, to organise freely and to live without fear and intimidation.
Source Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement (04-13-2017)
Solidarity Appeal against Tokyo Homeless Eviction
Urgent statement of protest against the total enclosure of Miyashita Park in Shibuya Ward
Source Various solidarity groups (04-07-2017)
Land Times, issue nº 15
The Housing and Land Rights Network of Habitat International Coalition welcomes you to its15th issue of Land Times, which contains insights on regional developments that identify the human rights dimensions of land in the Middle East/North Africa and related struggles to fill the gaps in current legal and policy frameworks. This time, our publication date falls on the Palestinian national Day of the Land.
Source HIC-HLRN (04-03-2017)
“The New Urban Agenda lacks a human rights focus”
Interview with Shivani Chaudhry from the Housing and Land Rights Network
Source Urbanet (03-28-2017)
“Some very important elements were left out of the New Urban Agenda”
Interview with Lorena Zárate, President of Habitat International Coalition
Source Urbanet (03-28-2017)
HIC calls for Volunteers to set the Electoral Committee in the North America region
Election of HIC Board Member and Alternate (2017-2021)
Source HIC-General Secretariat (03-21-2017)
Let's build the Coalition together!
HIC is more useful and stronger if we all share our good practices and denounce together the violations of the rights related to habitat.
Source HIC-GS (03-16-2017)

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