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UNESCO Denounces Jerusalem Occupation
On Israel’s Independence Day, the executive board of the UN education, science and cultural agency slams Israel for “persistent excavations, tunneling, works and projects in East Jerusalem” and calls on the occupying power to end projects aimed at altering “character and status of the Holy City.”         UNESCO`s executive board has passed
Source Al Jazeera (02 May 2017)
Palestine: Prisoner`s Living Conditions
On the occasion of the Palestinian prisoners’ ongoing hunger strike, we remind readers that persons incarcerated and deprived of their freedom also have the human right to adequate housing. Their steadfastness is inextricable from the wider struggle of the Palestinian people to defend and recover their land from foreign colonization.
Source HLRN (02 May 2017)
India: Landless Women Attacked in Odisha
The powers that be in Sipasarubali, Odisha work to take over forest land to build a beach resort, villagers who are trying to fight them are under attack.     Puri, Odisha: On April 28, a friend and I went to Gola and Gopinathpur villages in Odisha to meet activists who, in the early 1990s, had
Source Ranjana Padhi, The Wire (02 May 2017)
Panel Probes Confusion over NUA Implementation
Panel’s formation marks turning point in confusion over New Urban Agenda (NUA) implementation and monitoring     Almost six months after the United Nations adopted a new 20-year urbanization strategy, UN Secretary General António Guterres this week made his first official pronouncement on cities.   As part of the ongoing effort to reshape how urban issues
Source Gregory Scruggs, CItiscope (13 April 2017)
Dangerous Liaisons: French Banks & Israeli Colonies
Report reveals links between five French banks and insurance companies and the Israeli settlements     PARIS—Several organisations (Association France Palestine Solidarité, CCFD - Terre Solidaire, Fair Finance France, FIDH, LDH, Solidaires, CGT and Al-Haq) are publishing a report today on French banks’ dangerous liaisons with the Israeli settlement enterprise. The report highlights
Source Association France Palestine Solidarité, CCFD - Terre Solidaire, Fair Finance France, FIDH, LDH, Solidaires, CGT and Al-Haq (27 March 2017)
New Landless Constituency
The number of people considered landless number in the hundreds of millions across all                regions. In India, for example, as many as 307 million rural people are considered landless. In Bangladesh, almost 4.5 million are landless. Landless People`s Movement of South Africa is composed of rural people and people
Source Hic-HLRN (23 March 2017)
UN Official Quits over Israeli "Apartheid" Report
A new report of the UN Economic and Social Council for Western Asia (ESCWA) has analyzed the institutionalized material discrimination that Israel practices against the Palestinian people as a form of apartheid. While this analysis is not new and has been upheld by numerous legal scholars, as well as UN
Source HIC-HLRN (18 March 2017)
Bali Meeting Tackles Oceans’ Plastic Pollution
UNEP and Indonesia launch campaign to solve global issue of massive amounts of plastic ending up in oceans.     NUSA DUA, Bali, Indonesia—The sun is peeking from over the horizon, greeting early morning beach-dwellers to the sounds of crashing waves, the feel of tropical humidity and the sight of an entire beach
Source Al Jazeera (26 February 2017)
Palestine UNSR Urges SC to End Colonies
West Bank: United Nations Special Rapporteur urges the security council to stop illegal settlements   GENEVA—United Nations Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk has called on the United Nations Security Council and the General Assembly to explore effective diplomatic and political measures to ensure Israeli compliance with Security Council resolution 2334, which
Source OHCHR (03 February 2017)
EU’s Biggest Pension Funds Invest Big in Colonies
Europe’s largest pension funds heavily invested in illegal Israeli settler colonies.   Europe’s five largest pension funds have €7.5 billion invested in companies with business activities in and around illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. This is at odds with United Nations guidelines, clear warnings from 18 European countries, and undermines
Source Mikkel Bahl, Hanan Chemlali & Kristoffer Marslev, Danwatch (31 January 2017)


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