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Nepal: Thapathali Squatters on Strike
KATHMANDU—Normal life has been affected in Lalitpur district due to a Lalitpur bandh called by locals to protest the government’s plan to resettle squatters evicted from encroached land in the Thapathali area at Sundarighat, Balkhu.   Shops and businesses in the main market center including factories, industries, and academic institutions remain closed
Source nepalnews.com (06 July 2012)
Israel`s Mekorot Targets World Water Market
Israel`s national water company Mekorot wants to use its expertise in finding unconventional sources for clean water to help it expand globally, as countries step up their efforts to avoid water shortages.   A rise in population along with climate changes threatens the earth`s freshwater supply in the coming decades and the
Source Reuters (10 June 2012)
Egypt: CSOs, Citizens Meet World Bank on Power Project
  A video conference between the World Bank’s Cairo and Washington DC offices connected Bank representatives with the voices of civil society and members of affected communities, allowing 6 Egyptians to present the concerns of the community about the negative social and environmental impacts of a large Bank-funded power plant project
Source HLRN (31 May 2012)
Turkey/Iraq: Movements to Stop Ilısu Dam Project
Hasankeyf, Turkey—"We have come from Iraq to speak, because no one came from Iraq to speak to us. We live in one of the most significant regions in the world—the Mesopotamian marshlands—which is in danger because of Ilısu." With these words, Sheik Sayed Abbas began today`s unique protest in the
Source Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (22 May 2012)
Palestine: Protests for Nakba Day
Palestinians are marking Nakba Day, or the "day of catastrophe", commemorating Israel`s declaration of statehood in 1948 and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of their kin from their land and homes. Protests were scheduled to take place across the Palestinian territories on Tuesday with the main rally planned in Ramallah
Source Al Jazeera and agencies (15 May 2012)
Palestine: 15 May Emphasizes Our Right of Return
Nakba day reminds Palestinians that dreaming of the right of return stands in the way of securing more vital rights. At this time of year, there is a sort of bizarre political yin-yang, though one that does not reflect harmony. Israelis celebrate their independence and the birth of their country, while
Source Khaled Diab, The Guardian (15 May 2012)
Global Guidelines on Land Tenure Adopted
Rome—In a landmark decision the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) today endorsed a set of far-reaching global guidelines aimed at helping governments safeguard the rights of people to own or access land, forests and fisheries.The new Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests
Source Committee on World Food Security, FAO (11 May 2012)
Sudan: “Crimes” in Blue Nile State
While the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and High Commissioner for Human Rigths Navi Pillay both have condemned Bashir’s government attacks on South Sudan, another war on civilians continues nearby within Sudan.   The bombing campaign of Sudan’s Khartoum government has killed, maimed, and injured untold numbers of civilians since September 2011 and
Source HLRN (24 April 2012)
Sudan Governor: “Deliver them swept clean, rubbed, crushed...”
The governor of Sudan’s Southern Kordofan has been filmed addressing troops before a battle with rebel fighters urging them to "take no prisoners."   In footage obtained by Al Jazeera, Ahmed Harun, the state governor who has already been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity in Darfur,
Source Al Jazeera (31 March 2012)
22 HR Experts Urge Rio+ 20 Accountability
Twenty-two UN human rights mandate holders have issued an open letter to governments meeting at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (the Rio+ 20 Summit), 20–22 June 2012. They point out the risks that commitments made at Rio will remain empty promises without effective monitoring and accountability. The experts make
Source HIC-HLRN/OHCHR (26 March 2012)


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