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Diyarbakir Mayor to Armenians: "My City Is Your City"
DIYARBAKIR—Speaking at a reception held on the occasion of the closing of the dome of the Sourp Giragos Armenian Church in Diyarbakir, the mayor of the greater Diyarbakir municipality Osman Baydemir told the Armenians gathered there: “This city is yours as much as it is mine. You have as much
Source Armenian Weekly (24 October 2013)
Put a Number on It: Annual VDB Report
  In telling a story, or making any point, we often rely on numbers. In argumentation, numbers lend credibility and suggest analytical precision. Numbers often speaker louder than words, because they convey important measurements and values that otherwise may not be visible to the mind’s eye.   When telling the story of housing
Source HIC-HLRN (13 October 2013)
Evict Them in 5 Steps! (video)
This post was written by Ryan Schlief Monday was World Habitat Day. It`s a day set aside to advocate for universal adequate housing. We know that not everyone has adequate housing. But did you know that millions of people are at risk of being forcibly removed from their homes every year?
Source WITNESS (video), Huffington Post (article) (08 October 2013)
Brazil: Vila Autódromo Avoids Eviction
RIO DE JANEIRO—The campaign against forced evictions in Rio in the lead-up to the city’s mega-events celebrated a victory as the favela community of Vila Autódromo, adjacent to the Olympic Park site, secured its permanence after years of struggle. The outcome guarantees potentially displaced residents the choice between remaining within
Source Matthew Elliott, The Rio Times (13 August 2013)
UN Proposes Human Rights & Local Govt. Study
    The Advisory Committee (AC) of the UN Human Rights Council has proposed to undertake a study of local government and human rights in light of recent developments in the movement of cities and civil society to promote the “right to the city” and “the human rights city” as concepts of
Source HIC-HLRN (12 August 2013)
Land Rights Activists Assassinated in Mexico
ACAPULCO, Mexico—Two leftist activists were found shot to death on Mexico`s southern Pacific coast and a third is missing, a local leader said Tuesday.   The two men were found with their hands bound and gunshot wounds to their heads Monday near Coyuca de Benitez, a town west of Acapulco.   The Emiliano Zapata
Source Associated Press (06 August 2013)
Turkish Architects & Engineers Respond to AKP
In retaliation for the opposition of Turkish architects and engineers to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) policy of self-enrichment, the Turkish parliament pushed through legislation in a midnight session on 9-10 July to disqualify the profession and rescind its certification functions. The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers
Source TMMOB, HIC-HLRN (16 July 2013)
Turkish Parliament Revokes Architect Group’s Status
ANKARA—Turkey’s Parliament has voted to end the right of a union of architects and city planners to approve construction projects, a measure opposition parties say smacks of punishment for the group whose members opposed redevelopment plans for Istanbul.   The surprise measure was passed in a midnight session late Tuesday with the
Source AP (10 July 2013)
Standing up against Forced Evictions
While urban renewal can lead to old and decrepit buildings being put to more "productive" or lucrative use, evictions can be disastrous for slum residents. Rising property values lead developers and government officials to abruptly displace slum dwellers, often without proper notice, legal standing, or reimbursement. Read on to learn
Source Josephine d`Allant, huffingtonpost.com (07 July 2013)
Vienna+20: Reclaiming Human Rights Primacy
Vienna—The Vienna+20 Civil Society (CSO) Conference, 25–26 June 2013, adopted a joint Declaration in its final session, calling for a World Conference on Human Rights in 2018, 25 years after the Second World Conference on Human Rights, held in Vienna, in 1993. The proposal called for the Third World Conference
Source HIC-HLRN (26 June 2013)


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