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ANC @ 100: Lessons Palestine Can Teach Us
As a South African who has lived and suffered under Apartheid and spent nearly thirty years of my adult life in its jails for resisting it, I can and do humbly claim to know something about the meaning of Apartheid. You do not get to journey as far and as
Source Ahmed Kathrada, CityPress (25 March 2012)
South Sudan: Humanitarian Disaster Unfolds
Washington, DC - Less than a year since South Sudan`s independence, thousands of people in the region continue to face the stark realities of secession. As an impending famine and daily violence grow in severity, the governments in Juba and Khartoum remain mired in disputes over borders and oil revenues. Among the

David Elkins

(17 March 2012)
Ministers to Speed Water & Sanitation Access
On 13 March, ministers from participating countries to the 6th World Water Forum made a common Declaration, based on preparatory discussions. This declaration emphasises the acceleration of the implementation of obligations linked to Human right to water and sanitation, the guarantee of everyone well being and health, focusing on the most

World Water Forum

(14 March 2012)
Ministerial Declaration @ 6th WWF
1. We, the Ministers and Heads of Delegations assembled in Marseille, France, on 13 March 2012 at the Ministerial Conference of the 6th World Water Forum, “Time for Solutions”, are determined to address water challenges at all scales. Recognizing the Ministerial Statement and other outcomes of the 5th World Water

World Water Forum

(14 March 2012)
J.P. Morgan Chase`s Ugly Family Secrets Revealed
Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone In a story that should be getting lots of attention, American Banker has released an excellent and disturbing exposé of J.P. Morgan Chase`s credit card services division, relying on multiple current and former Chase employees. One of them, Linda Almonte, is a whistle blower whom I`ve known
Source (14 March 2012)
Environmental Impact of Urban Poverty
It was while I was watching Karl Pilkington on “Idiot Abroad-The Bucket List”, that I began thinking about shanty towns and their environmental impact.  Karl in his idiot savant-ish way stated what should have been the obvious to all of us. “There’s not really much that you can change, is there? 
Source Grainne Rhuad, Subversify (09 March 2012)
Nepal: Stopping Forced Eviction
After reports last month of Nepali government plans to force evict thousands of poor families in Kathmandu, community and federation groups have been working together as the Nepal Squatters’ Front to protest against the evictions and demand housing alternatives. The government eventually decided to halt the planned evictions due to

Homeless International

(08 March 2012)
ICRC Convoy Reaches Battered Homs
BEIRUT (Reuters) -- A Red Cross aid convoy prepared to enter the shattered Baba Amro district of Homs on Friday after a Syrian official declared the area "cleansed" and the opposition spoke of a massacre by President Bashar Assad`s forces. The residential district became a symbol of resistance to Assad after

Samia Nakhoul

(03 March 2012)
Displaced Afghans Left Out in Cold
Every day 400 Afghans become internally displaced, according to Amnesty International. At that rate, more than 2,500 Afghans were left homeless in the week of violent protests that swept the country recently over the burning of copies of the Quran at the US-led Bagram airbase. They joined the ranks of internally

Al-Jazeera Staff

(01 March 2012)
E. Africa : Lamu Port [De]struction Project
Four of the most critical infrastructure projects under Kenya’s Lamu Port scheme are planned to be completed in the next five years to facilitate long term development of the whole project that is planned to be completed in 20 years.   The Infrastructure Secretary at the office of the Prime Minister (of



(29 February 2012)


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