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Istanbulites to IOC: “Don’t Select Our City”
Esteemed members of the IOC;   This is a call from two human rights organizations, Urban Movements Istanbul / HIC (Habitat International Coalition) and People’s Houses on behalf the citizens of Istanbul from all ages, social and political backgrounds, associations, ideologies and beliefs.   From 28 May to 15 June, Istanbulites had been attacked
Source Urban Movements Istanbul / HIC and People’s Houses (21 June 2013)
Highest Global Refugee Count since 1994
GENEVA—More people are refugees or internally displaced than at any time since 1994, with the crisis in Syria having emerged as a major new factor in global displacement.   UNHCR`s annual Global Trends report, released on Wednesday, covers displacement that occurred during 2012 based on data from governments, NGO partners, and the
Source UNHRC (19 June 2013)
Egypt under CESCR Review
The Habitat International Coalition and affiliate civil society organizations have submitted an analytical report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) for its current review of the state party: Egypt. The collective report focuses especially on the implementation of the human right to adequate housing, as enshrined
Source HIC-HLRN (13 June 2013)
Iraq 10 Years on: Conflicts, Migrations, Future
HIC-HLRN participated in a conference for two days titled “Iraq 10 Years on: Conflicts, Migrations, Future”  which was organized by American University in Cairo (AUC) and the Japan Foundation and Chiba University , Japan, from 3-4 June 2013. This event reviewed many issues in several parallel panels about the war in
Source HIC-HLRN (MENA) (06 June 2013)
Ethiopia: Grand Renaissance Dam Led to Evictions
Ethiopian journalist Muluken Tesfahun of the privately owned weekly newspaper Ethio-Mehedar was arrested while reporting on the return of thousands of farmers who had been forced from their land near the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The government has admitted the March evictions were illegal, but so far no charges have
Source Associated press, human rights observers (02 June 2013)
"Right to the City" and the Turkish Summer
As I write this, Istanbul is under siege. The might of Istanbul`s entire police force—the largest city police force in Europe—is violently cracking down on peaceful occupiers in Gezi Park.   The protest, which began on 27 May, is ostensibly over a planned shopping center to be built over a park in
Source Jay Cassano, Jadaliyya (01 June 2013)
“People Living in Poverty Must Have Their Say”
The independent expert on extreme poverty and human rights urged world governments to enable persons living in poverty to participate in decisions that affect their lives. “States must make sustained and proactive efforts to ensure that the voices of people living in poverty can be heard in public debate and
Source OHCHR (29 May 2013)
Istanbul: Park Destruction Sparks Waves of Protests
Starting from the night of 27 May, dozens of volunteers resumed their patrols around Taksim Gezi Park, one of the few remaining green spots in downtown Istanbul.   Following the police intervention and attacks, a group of activists set up tents and launched a campaign against the planned construction of a shopping
Source Beyza Kural, bianet (29 May 2013)
Botswana: Bushman Eviction Suspended
Bushmen from Ranyane in southern Botswana have been granted a court order which suspends Tuesday’s planned evictions of the community by local authorities.   On Tuesday 28 May, Botswana’s High Court ruled that the case be suspended until mid-June, when the Bushmen will be forced to return to court to defend their
Source S Dominick Tyler, Survival International (29 May 2013)
Who Rules the Cairo Street ? Those Who Build It.
  After the revolution two years ago, working-class residents of that vast informal neighborhood, tired of having no direct access to the 45-mile-long Ring Road, took matters into their own hands. In the absence of functioning government, they built ramps from dirt, sand and trash. Then they invited the police to
Source Michael Kimmelman (26 May 2013)


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