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HICtionary Newly Updated
HIC-HLRN has just updated the HICtionary: Key Habitat Terms from A to Z. This reference work is the result of deliberation and debate across multiple specializations, regions and cultures within the membership of Habitat International Coalition (HIC). The purpose of that debate—and this reference work—have been to consolidate and harmonize
Source HIC-HLRN (06 May 2018)
Unearthing Truths: Israel, Nakba and JNF
The monthly Moving Forward is published with support from Jews Say No! That organization engages in community education, street theatre, and organizing to make their members’ voices heard in Jewish communities and as partners in the broader movement for justice in Palestine/Israel. The following article is the editorial to Moving
Source The Editors of Moving Forward (01 May 2018)
30 Cities Join Global Sur and Hasankeyf Action Day
DIYARBAKIR / AMED—As part of the Global Sur and Hasankeyf Action Day in almost 30 cities, actions have been organized on 28 April 2018. Activists and civil organization raised awareness on the ongoing destruction of the two antique cities Sur and Hasankeyf at the Tigris River in North (Turkish) Kurdistan.
Source Platform No to the Destruction of Sur, Istanbul Sur Solidarity, Mesopotamia Ecology Movement, and Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive (30 April 2018)
Palestine: Universal Reminder on Land Day
In an excerpt from the poem entitled The Last Speech of the ‘Red Indian’ to the White Man, the prominent Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish draws an analogy between Palestinians and Native American nations who were forced to live in diaspora in their own land. He addresses the colonizer: “You who come from beyond the
Source Houssem Ben Lazreg, Tesbih Habbal, The Conversation.com (29 April 2018)
HIConcern over SDG Land Indicators
Habitat International Coalition’s Housing and Land Rights Network welcomes the SDGs and their performance indicators as a complement to development efforts that uphold the integrity of the UN Charter and the UN System built on three purposeful pillars: (1) peace and security, (2) progressive development and (3) human rights. We
Source Joseph Schechla, HIC-HLRN (27 April 2018)
Five Alarming Land Grabbing Cases
Extractive industries remain a concrete threat to indigenous communities and this year`s The Indigenous World 2018 describes many cases of land grabbing from indigenous peoples. In this article we take a closer look at some of the examples. In many countries forced evictions and land grabbing in the name of conservation, development
Source iwgia.org (19 April 2018)
Right to the City in Greater Beirut
HLRN has just released its new publication Right to the City in Greater Beirut: Context Assessment in Light of the Refugee and Displacement Crisis. This assessment offers critical insight into municipal governance in Greater Beirut, a city largely formed and characterized by human migration through its history, while more recently
Source HIC-HLRN and Amel Association (14 April 2018)
Myanmar: Rohingyas’ 13 Demands for Return
Rohingya give Myanmar official list of demands for repatriation     DHAKA—A Myanmar Cabinet minister visited a sprawling refugee camp in Bangladesh for Rohingya Muslims, who described the violence that forced them to flee Myanmar and presented a list of demands for their repatriation.   Social Welfare Minister Win Myat Aye on Wednesday met
Source The Star (Petaling Jaya)/AP (13 April 2018)
Land Day: 17 Fallen in 2018, as the 6 in 1976
In Palestine, "the Return March" is emerging, and Israel is killing the demonstrators. Three thousand occupation soldiers deployed in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip with orders to fire live bullets. Thousands of Palestinians marched Friday near the border between Gaza and Israel in a protest march called
Source Al-Arabiya net (30 March 2018)
Smallholder Farmers` Rights are Women`s Rights
Most farms in developing and least developed countries are small, generally plots of less than two hectares of land. Smallholder farmers manage over 80% of the world’s estimated 500 million small farms and provide over 80% of the food consumed in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, contributing significantly to poverty reduction
Source Barbara Adams, Global Policy Watch (20 March 2018)


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