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Following the Money: Justice for Land Grabs
Following the Money: Illuminating the path to justice for global land grabs     This year, our organization, Inclusive Development International, launched the Follow the Money initiative – a new tool to fight land grabs and other corporate abuses.  It’s a simple idea, but we believe it has the potential to be
Source Natalie Bugalski and David Pred, Inclusive Development (16 December 2016)
Land Rights Defender Killings Tripled in 2016
2015 had been the worst year on record for killings of land and environmental defenders who are struggling to protect land, forests and rivers from privately interested takers. But, in 2016, roughly 16 land rights advocates have been killed each month from January through November.     PENANG, Malaysia—Advocacy group PAN Asia Pacific
Source PANAP (10 December 2016)
EU Aid Rewards Western Sahara Occupation
For the second year in a row, the Moroccan government has spent most of the EU`s fish sector support on the development of the fishing industry in occupied Western Sahara. And the EU was fully aware of it.   Under the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement, entered into force in July 2014, Morocco
Source WSRW (24 November 2016)
HIC Condemns Arrest of Diyarbakır Mayors
Call for the Restitution and Respect of Human rights and Democracy in Turkey   The Habitat International Coalition calls for the immediate release of the co-mayors of Diyarbakır, Gültan Kişanak and Firat Anlı, and of all detained and prosecuted public and civil agents, and demands that the Turkish authorities respect, protect and
Source HIC (11 November 2016)
Indigenous Rights Key to Saving Forests
  Indigenous rights are key to preserving forests, climate change study finds. Leaving forests in communal hands cuts carbon emissions from deforestation, helps communities and offers long-term economic benefits: “Everyone wins.”     RIO DE JANEIRO—The world’s indigenous communities need to be given a bigger role in climate stabilisation, according to a new study
Source Jonathan Watts, The Guardian (02 November 2016)
Our Precious Urban Lives
SYDNEY, Australia—Down the hill from my house, there is an old building with a saw-toothed roof that once warehoused trams, back when the bay was heavy with industrial waste and working-class people could afford to buy a home this close to the city and harbor of Sydney.   Now that building has
Source Lisa Pryor, The New York Times (29 October 2016)
Turkey: Co-mayors of Diyarbakır Arrested
Diyarbakır, Turkey—The two co-mayors of Diyarbakir, a Kurdish-majority city in southeast Turkey, have been arrested as part of a "terrorism" enquiry, security officials reported to the press on Tuesday, 26 October 2016. The two are accused of making speeches in support of the PKK and of greater political autonomy for
Source HIC-HLRN and agencies (26 October 2016)
After Habitat III, What’s Next?
Official and unofficial mechanisms are quickly falling into place to follow and prod implementation of the New Urban Agenda.     Habitat III participants walk past wall displays of text from the New Urban Agenda. Quito, 18 October. (Habitat III Secretariat) QUITO—After four intense days of the United Nations’ Habitat III conference on the
Source Gregory Scruggs, Citiscope (21 October 2016)
HIC`s Habitat III Statement
On 16 October 2016, the Habitat International Coalition (HIC) General Assembly met and finalized the collective declaration on the Habitat III process and the so-called “New Urban Agenda” outcome document. Below is the full text of HIC’s written Habitat III Statement with a link to HIC’s oral statement delivered to
Source HIC (20 October 2016)
Implementing the Right to the City
So how do we implement the ‘right to the city’, anyway? Many were surprised last month when negotiations on the New Urban Agenda kept the term in the final document. Now, efforts have been made at this week’s Habitat III conference to try to explain what this means on the
Source Emilio Godoy, Citiscope (20 October 2016)


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