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Ministers to Speed Water & Sanitation Access

On 13 March, ministers from participating countries to the 6th World Water Forum made a common Declaration, based on preparatory discussions.

This declaration emphasises the acceleration of the implementation of obligations linked to Human right to water and sanitation, the guarantee of everyone well being and health, focusing on the most vulnerables. They insisted also on improving waste water management.

A global approach towards water, energy and food security is a guarantee of a sustainable economic growth and job creations. This cross-cutting approach allows a good functioning of ecosystems linked to water, a maximisation of public policies, the creation of synergies and a minimisation of competition between different economical sectors.

The Ministerial Conference reminds that we have to consider water in all its dimensions: economical, sociable, environmental, building on a good financial, governance and cooperation framework. Ministers want successful experiences to be promoted and integrated to reach Millenium Development Goals by 2015 and to be continued after that.

The identification of solutions

Ministers agree that Ministerial Conference High Level Roundtables offer the opportunity to identify solutions and commitments about water issues.

They support that partnership, at the same time political and operational, made with parliaments and local authorities, have a central role about these questions. These partnerships should be continued, linked with thematic and regional processes, also with the “Grassroots and citizenship” commission of the 6th World Water Forum.

By this declaration, the Ministerial conference wishes solutions and commitments to be consolidated and spread, their implementation to be followed and evaluated by proper authorities, to contribute to the work of next World Water Forum.

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(14 March 2012)


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