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Al Haq Announces 3rd Summer School

Al Haq, a HIC Member organization in Palestine, has announced its third International Law Summer School for international post-graduate law students and legal researchers in Ramallah, Occupied Palestine on 08 August - 22 August 2017.


The fourteen-day summer school offers a curriculum covering the following topics:


• Al Haq’s mandate and working methods;

• Historical overview of the conflict;

• International human rights normative framework applicable in the OPT;

• International humanitarian law normative framework applicable in the OPT;

• Current human rights situation and developments in the OPT;

• Available international accountability mechanisms.


The International Law Summer School program also includes visits to local and international human rights organizations, as well as 8 field visits to the Jerusalem area, Bethlehem area, Hebron area, Naqab desert, Haifa area, Nablus area and the Jordan Valley.


You may apply to attend the International Law Summer School by following the instructions in Al Haq’s invitation here.

Source (02 May 2017)


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