Why be part of HIC?

Become part of a Global Coalition for Human Rights linked to Habitat and Social Justice

Join a global voice

HIC has accompanied and influenced local, national and international public policies related to human rights related to habitat (right to housing, right to land and right to the city).

Make your voice be heard

Get the public attention of your actions at a global level, represent your Organization in global forums.

Access and influence the forums of the United Nations, other intergovernmental agencies and international in relation to human rights related to habitat.

Reinforce your actions and initiatives

HIC members and reference centres will support and give visibility to your local, national and regional work.

You can start, join and support:

– other struggles for human rights linked to international, regional and local habitats.

– Urgent Action Petitions.

– Share and learn from experiences, knowledge and skills.

– Use the HIC name and promotional materials such as the logo and brochures for your organization’s activities.

Learn from and be inspired by other struggles.

With HIC and its members you will learn about current and emerging trends in the critical field of settlements and human development.

– Sharing experiences: improving skills and practices in the field of habitat.

Construct new conceptualizations: collective, for example of the social production of habitat and the right to the city.

– Build and propose alternatives: focused on social transformation.

Multiply and strengthen the struggle for the right to land, housing and the city.

Network for Habitat Rights and Social Justice