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WSF 2015: How to implement the Right to the City to build democratic and sustainable cities
Report of HIC's activity at WSF 2015
, , 05-04-2015
WSF 2015: Local Authorities Supporting Palestine
Report of the conference: Local authorities in support of Palestinian rights held at WSF 2015
, , 03-27-2015
Press relesase: Global Platform for the Right to the City in the 13th World Social Forum
Participation will support the popular initiative in the New Urban and Habitat Agenda
, , 03-24-2015
HIC Agenda of activities at the WSF 2015
, , 03-17-2015
WSF 2015 Extension
Soon 100 WSF 2015 activities out of Tunis
, , 02-09-2015
Nationalities and visas to enter Tunisia
, , 01-29-2015
HIC at the World Social Forum 2015
, , 02-11-2015
Call to take part in the World Social Forum and the World Assembly of Inhabitants
Registration of activities extended until February 10 of 2015!
, , 12-16-2014
Beyond the square: changing dynamics at the World Social Forum
If the recent Occupy-type social explosions are to seek transformative action beyond occupied squares, they should look at the history of the World Social Forum, with its valuable paths to transnational connectivity.
Giuseppe Caruso and Teivo Teivainen, , 12-11-2014
Registration: World Social Forum Tunis 2015
, , 12-05-2014

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