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Roundtables' Conclusions, April 8: Ministers, Mayors, Global Parliamentarians on Habitat, Civil Society
, , 04-27-2014
WUF7 Closing Remarks
, , 04-27-2014
World Social Forum International Council Meeting Report
, , 05-28-2013
Statement from the Maghrebian Social Forum's Steering Committee about the next World Social Forum 2013, in Tunis
, , 10-24-2012
Tribunal on Evictions in Naples
Affected Communities Accuse Governments and UN-Habitat
, , 09-05-2012
The Urban Social Forum opens in Naples with a field visit from the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing
, , 09-05-2012
Latest updates for HIC in Naples
, , 08-17-2012
Global Charter-Agenda on Human Rights in the City - WSF 2011 Dakar
Report of the debate on the Global Charter-Agenda on Human Rights in the City organised in the framework of the World Social Forum held in Dakar. With the participation of Mr. Davinder Lamba, HIC President.
, , 03-18-2011
World Social Forum in Dakar: Struggle for Another World
, , 03-08-2011
Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly
World Social Forum,2011 February 10
, , 02-28-2011

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