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Preliminary Notes on the World Social Forum 2011, Dakar by Giuseppe Caruso
Giuseppe Caruso, , 02-24-2011
Dakar launches a public consultation on the thematic axes for 2011
, , 08-17-2010
Towards Dakar! HIC Proposals for the World Assembly of Inhabitants for the Right to the City
For months, international networks have been working on organizing the Assembly which will be held during the WSF in Dakar 2011.
, , 08-02-2010
HIC in the Social Urban Forum, Ação da Cidadania, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 22-26 March 2010
HIC-GS, , 07-15-2010
US Social Forum
Another World is Possible. Another U.S. is Necessary. Another Detroit is Happening!
, , 06-19-2010
Global Report of HIC Activities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 22-26, 2010
HIC-GS, , 06-18-2010
Call for European Urban Social Movements
6th European Social Forum (ESF) taking place from 1st - 4th July 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey
, , 06-06-2010
Right to the City: letter from Rio de Janeiro
Document that was presented to the Advisory Board of WUF 5 by the social movements on March 25, 2010
Urban Social Forum, , 03-30-2010
HIC at WUF 5
Río de Janeiro, 22-26 March 2010
, , 02-17-2010
Call to HIC General Assembly 2010
Habitat International Coalition (HIC) convokes its Annual General Assembly to be held during the World Urban Forum (WUF 5), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on March 22nd, 2010, from 3 to 9 PM
, , 01-18-2010

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