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World Social Forum 2010 starts with great event in the Greater Porto Alegre - Brazil
, , 01-13-2010
World Social Forum Bulletin-August 2009
, , 08-26-2009
The Right to the City conclusions and advances in the World Social Forum 2009
COHRE Bulletin on Housing Rights and the Right to the City in Latin America, may 2009
, , 07-02-2009
Urban Movements Building Convergences at the World Social Forum, WSF 2009
Declaration of urban movements and networks against the crisis and promoting the Right to the City during WSF in Belém
, , 02-10-2009
David Harvey at the World Social Forum, Belem
On January 29th, David Harvey spoke in the Urban Reform Tent
, , 02-13-2009
WSF: Latest News for HIC members
Please remember to send the motions you wish to present during the HIC General Assembly to gs@hic-net.org.
, , 01-23-2009
WSF-Press release on Right to the City-Women’s Housing and Land Rights
, , 01-14-2009
World Social Forum: HIC and Partners activities
List oc activities held by HIC and Partners during WSF 2009
, , 01-13-2009
World Social Forum Belem: Right to the City/ Housing and Land Rights activities
, , 01-13-2009
Background Briefing
Update of Events for HIC’s Oct2007-Jan2008 Campaign June 26, 2007
, , 07-13-2007

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