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Nairobi World Social Forum 2007 Weblog
Ms. Robinson - Former President of Ireland and High Commissioner for the UN Office for Human Rights and current President of Realizing Rights, was a guest of the HDHRC in WSF. She spoke at the Opening Session of the Caucus, as well as several of the Global Seminars and workshops organized by the Caucus and at the Social Evening held on 21st January.
, , 03-19-2007
Brief report of the World Social Forum International Committee meeting
Nairobi, Kenya (January, from 26th to 27th, 2007) at Stadia Guest House, Kasarani
, , 03-02-2007
Social Movements Assembly in Nairobi
More than 2000 activists loudly and energetically endorsed this statement at the Social Movements Assembly in Nairobi.
, , 02-02-2007
WSF 2007: Learning from the African Experience
As the curtain falls today on the World Social Forum (WSF) in The Green City under the Sun, some will call it a success, others will doubt it. To some, WFS is indispensable; others question its value, if not its very nature and future.
, , 01-26-2007
A new network: Clean Water for all!
Despite the devastating record of water privatisations in Africa, international aid donors and governments continue to promote participation as the solution to Africa's water crisis, says African Water Network organiser Al Hassan Adam.
, , 01-26-2007
WSF 2007: A marathon marks the end of the event in Nairobi
After five days of meetings and demonstrations attended by about 46,000 delegates from all over the world, a 14km marathon through slums in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, marked the end of the World Social Forum (WSF) on Thursday.
, , 01-25-2007
World Social Forum 2007, Nairobi: HIC and member's activities
Here, you will find all the available information about HIC and member's activities
, , 01-18-2007
World Social Forum 2007: Human Rights Struggles and Voices.
, , 01-18-2007
WSF: Karachi and the road to Nairobi 2007
The political atmosphere has changed since the first Forum, organised as a counterpuch to the all/mighty World Economic Forum. The question that hangs at the end of the three-legged Polycentric WSF 2006 is what comes next. While the WSF is no longer a yearly festival of political losers, neither is it anything else.
, , 03-30-2006
Sixth World Parlamentarian Forum
Parliamentarians representing the five continents, presents the following declaration at the end of the sessions of 26 and 27 January 2006 in Caracas, Venezuela. The declaration includes references to land issues.
, , 02-02-2006

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