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Social movements' declaration on water at the WSF Caracas 2006
Building on the work of meetings of previous years, social movements involved in the struggles for the rights to water and against its commoditisation from across the world met at the World Social Forum in Caracas. They succeeded in pooling the work of various workshops and built a common platform which examined regional issues within a global understanding of water.
, , 02-08-2006
Polycentric World Social Forum 2006
The sixth edition of the World Social Forum will be polycentric, which means that it will be decentralized, taking place in different parts of the world, in January 2006. Up to now, three cities will host the 6th WSF: Bamako (Mali-Africa), Caracas (Venezuela – Americas) and Karachi (Pakistan-Asia) in .
, , 07-11-2005
Extended deadline for the registration of organizations and activities in the WSF 2009
Information on:the extended deadline for the registration of organizations and activities in the WSF 2009, problems with registration number and password, and also the extension of the deadline to apply for stands at the institutional fair
, , 11-05-2008
Expanding World Social Forum Process including new social movements, social organization and new regions
Suscribe New WSF mailing lists!
, , 05-15-2008
Towards WSF 2009
, , 05-08-2008
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus
Press Release
, , 01-28-2008
(ENG-POR) World Social Forum NEWSLETTER
Start planning your activity for January 26th, the Global Day of Action.
, , 12-10-2007
(ENG) 2008: Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the World Social Forum
, , 11-20-2007
(ENG) Deadline of the Human Rights and Accountability Contest organised by the Human Dignity and Human Rights caucus has been extended until the 26th november 2007
The awards will be published by the 7th December 2007.
, , 11-19-2007
(ENG) WSF 2009: Amazonia calls us to renew our commitment to another possible world
, , 10-30-2007

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